Leslie F*cking Jones

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ISBN: 9780008654009
Publisher: HarperCollins GB
Published: 14 February, 2024
Format: Paperback
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"You are Black; you are female," Leslie Jones' father once said. "But if you work harder and you're better than everybody else, they can't fcking deny you." Leslie Jones is a warrior. Raised by a tough dad and a loving but often sick mom, her father's military career meant she bounced around as a kid–fighting off bullies because she was tall and loud, sticking up for her troubled kid brother, and generally causing mayhem wherever she went. In the end the family settled in Lynwood, Los Angeles, where in high school she was a star basketball player, heavily recruited for what everyone thought would be a stellar college career. Then, one day in college, she discovered comedy instead, and everything changed. Eventually hitting the road as a working comedian, and holding down regular jobs to fund her dreams, she found herself fighting prejudice, tough crowds, stupid bosses, and people who thought a Black woman could never be funny enough. But she proved herself time and again to be undeniably funnier than most, and in Leslie Fcking Jones, we finally get to meet the woman behind the laughs: tough but full of love, uncompromising but wise, honest, revealing, challenging, and always completely hilarious. From clubs across the country, through hit TV specials, to six years at SNL; through the hell that was the Ghostbusters remake, and on into Twitter and Olympic-commentary stardom, guest hosting Ellen and The Daily Show, and beyond, Leslie Fcking Jones reveals what it took to become one of America's most beloved and plain-speaking superstars. In this audacious memoir, Leslie Jones opens up for the first time about how she faltered and triumphed on the road to success and, in doing so, encourages others to let go of the fear and self-doubt that has holds them back. Leslie Fcking Jones is a love letter to regular people just trying to make it day to day.

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