The Hitchhiker

The gripping and terrifying new outback thriller from the bestselling author of THE CARETAKER, for readers of J.P. Pomare, Chris Hammer and Shelley Burr

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Cover Art for 9781460766392, The Hitchhiker by Gabriel Bergmoser
ISBN: 9781460766392
Publisher: HarperCollins AU
Published: 31 July, 2024 , in 9 days
Format: Paperback
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From the award-winning author of The Hunted comes a fast-paced, nailbiting outback thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Pushing fifty and reeling from an ugly divorce, Paul has decided it's time for an adventure. With the Bee Gees on the radio and the open road ahead, he sets out into the middle of nowhere, open to whatever comes. But things take a sinister turn when he impulsively decides to pick up a hitchhiker. Clutching a ragged backpack with his eyes locked on the rear-view mirror, it's clear this twitchy young man is running from something. But what? And when the truth is revealed, how far will he - and Paul - go to survive? A twisted cat and mouse game set in the desolate expanse of the Australian outback, The Hitchhiker is an edge-of-your-set thriller that blends the contained tension of Saw with the sun beaten savagery of Wolf Creek. 'I haven't found a cat-and-mouse game this captivating since Misery.' Jack Heath, author of Kill Your Brother'A terrifying tale of violence, fear and loneliness, as achingly tender as it is nail-bitingly tense.' Anna Downes, author of The Safe Place'Two things I will never do again after devouring The Hitchhiker: miss a book by Gabriel Bergmoser; ever get in a car with him...' Benjamin Stevenson, author of Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone

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