Cover Art for 9781789147087, Orchid by Dan Torre
ISBN: 9781789147087
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Published: 13 July, 2023
Format: Hardcover
Language: English

Approximately eight percent of all the Earth’s flowering species are orchids. Known for their beautiful flowers, delicate forms, and sweet fragrances, orchids are unlike any other flower. Orchids have been contemplated by philosophers, celebrated by artists, and cultivated or even eaten by millions. They occupy our thoughts, stories, greenhouses, supermarkets, and homes. Orchid surveys all of this and more as Dan Torre explores the intriguing and multifaceted natural and cultural history of orchids.'Torre dazzles us again with his compelling blend of science, culture, and intrigue in this perfect entrée into the bizarre and intriguing world of orchids. There are tales of dangerous liaisons between plants and animals, erotic orchid iconography in art, and all kinds of botanical skulduggery. As this book demonstrates so clearly, orchids are like no other plants (or living things) on this planet, and their stories must be read to be believed. Torre, as always, is the master storyteller.' – Tim Entwisle, director and chief executive, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, and author of Evergreen: The Botanical Life of a Plant Punk


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